about me

co-founder, head of product and design at katalista.

looking back, my professional journey has four major stepping stones:

1. the laws of good design
trained as an architect, i first had to master the form of visual design – typography, gestalt, layout… 

i did this studying modernism with a team of young designers at my first studio: nu, where we designed and developed websites and webapps (2006–2011).

2. design as speech
then i realized that great design is in the differences – not the generic ‘good form’, but the form that best solves a particular problem and expresses a specific project, client, discourse.

i developed this approach while leading a design team at bamboo magazine (2010–2017) and at my second studio – lógos, where we designed from signage and print to brand and digital (2012–2021).

parenthood made me co-author of children’s book l de livro and my work at bamboo led me to co-author espaço em obra.

3. programmed design
driven by an obsession with clocks and calendars, i learned to design data driven and interactive graphics with code.

this path led me to design a watch for prestigious swiss brand pierre junod and a solo exhibition of four unique clocks at meca.

4. design, product, business
as a startup co-founder and product + design leader, i came to see design as a tool to solve users’ problems in a way that creates value for the business.

what’s next?

selected clients

adding nu and lógos, i’ve worked for 200+ clients and led 300+ projects in visual identity, editorial, interaction, signage and exhibition design.


ambev, xp, sulamérica, alumni, sicredi.

arts / culture
sesc, japan house, museu da imagem e do som sp, flip, dia mundial da criatividade, bienal de arquitetura sp, galeria almeida e dale, maria bonomi, claudia andujar, jorge bodanzky, 5 a seco.


portfolio penguin, companhia das letras, sesc, carambaia, bei, ftd, bamboo.

architecture / design
pierre junod, portobello, dpot, idea zarvos!, porte, instituto urbem, asbea, loebcapote, brasil arquitetura, mmbb, sp design weekend.

selected awards and exhibitions

latin america design awards

brasil design awards

jabuti award finalist

meca intro exhibition

12ª bienal adg

11ª bienal adg

if design award
society for news design

10ª bienal adg
quebra cabeça exhibition