cultural event

a cartographic logo system

world creativity day is a global event celebrated every april 21.

in 2018 i designed their visual identity based on a cartographic logo system, to generate a different logo for every city in the world.

in 2019 i designed a public website and back office webapps.


visual id, ux/ui


visual id, ux/ui


2018, 2019


2018, 2019

cartographic logo system

the identity was designed in 2018, right after the un approved the addition of the ‘world creativity and innovation day’ to it’s global calendar.

the starting points for the logo system were:

1. the un emblem – which clearly refers to ‘world’, and with a bit of effort, also to ‘day’ (one rotation of the earth);

2. a globe colored in three overlapping primary colors (rgb / cmy) – which refers to art and creativity.

one logo for each city

the same azimuthal projection of the un emblem is applied to the colored globe, but instead of the north pole, each city where the event takes place is used as its own center of projection.

abstracting the map, the color shapes are used as symbols for each city.

event website

one year later i designed a website for the event, which included local news and events pages for each city.

i even coded the cartographic system to generate each city’s logo, check out an animated version here.

forms and matches ux

to support the organization, me and fabio rocha designed a set of event proposal submission forms; and (ux only!) a matching system for the local leader to manage events, times and available spaces.

the main insight here was to organize the leader’s experience around the schedule – each event proponent would submit their available times, and each host space would do the same, so the leader would have a clear view of the time windows, conflicts and possibilities.

we didn’t get to measure the difference, but the matching system was set to drastically reduce the time spent by the local leader, which is one of the key people for the organization to retain.